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Orthomolecular medicine is a complementary medical approach with a scientific basis, aimed at promoting or restoring human health.

In the orthomolecular treatment approach, the main goal is to obtain as many necessary and beneficial nutrients through diet while minimizing harmful substances. Unfortunately, even for a healthy person, it is almost impossible to consume optimal amounts of certain nutrients through diet alone. The most well-known example of this is folate (foliumzuur).

Most diseases originate from an imbalanced gut flora. Therefore, we believe that your intestines are the foundation of your health. Healthy intestines correspond to a healthy body.

Both for the purpose of preventing diseases and treating existing ones, it may be necessary to supplement a wholesome diet with additional nutrients in the form of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are essentially tablets or capsules containing high levels of substances that also occur in smaller amounts in regular food. These substances can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, as well as less familiar groups of compounds such as bioflavonoids.


Orthomolecular medicine

Lifestyle patterns

As a therapist, I consider all of your complaints as well as how your life is organized and your dietary patterns. In Orthomolecular medicine, we do not use conventional medications; instead, we utilize substances that are familiar to your body. In fact, I prefer to call it lifestyle medicine. I take a holistic approach, considering lifestyle and nutrition.


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Finding a Balance

Your body can quickly become imbalanced if you don’t consume the right foods for your body or if you have deficiencies, such as vitamin deficiencies which we often observe. You may not notice it immediately, especially in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but vague symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, and many others are related to nutrient deficiencies.


Reimbursed by insurance

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Appropriate Advice

It is essential to interpret these signals from your body correctly so that you can make timely adjustments and prevent further issues. What may appear as minor harmless complaints now could potentially lead to chronic diseases later. After the intake session, during which we discuss your complaints, medical history (anamnesis), and the issues you need help with, I create a therapy plan based on laboratory results and information gathered from the anamnesis.


Reimbursed by insurance

See list of insurers below


In many cases, my consultations are covered by supplementary insurance. This compensation does not affect your own risk in the basic health insurance.

The consultations fall under the category of ‘alternative treatments’.

I am a member of the professional association CAT, the Collective Alternative Therapists, and am a Care Seeker of all insurance companies.

Because of my membership of a professional association (CAT), I meet the quality requirements set for a professional practice.

Reimbursement from Supplementary Insurance

If an insured individual wishes to be eligible for reimbursement of Orthomolecular Medicine / Nutritional Supplements, they must take out supplementary insurance with a health insurer that recognizes one (or more) of the following professional associations:

  • ‘Society for the Advancement of Orthomolecular Medicine’ (MBOG)
  • ‘Foundation of Complementary Additional Therapists’ (CAT)
  • ‘Association for the Advancement of Alternative Medicine’ (VBAG)
  • ‘Federation of Additive Medical Therapists’ (FAGT)
  • ‘Association of Physicians for Integrated Medicine’ (AVIG)

The insured individual can then choose from practitioners who are affiliated with these associations. The consultations will be reimbursed if they are intended for the insured individual as a medical treatment. The recommended or provided nutritional supplements are generally not covered. In case of doubt, please refer to the policy or inquire with the insurer.

The table below provides an overview of insurers that recognize MBOG and/or CAT and reimburse orthomolecular medicine in that context.

Pay attention to the following in the table:

  • The maximum reimbursable amount
  • The coverage percentage (of the maximum reimbursement)
  • Whether there is a daily limit or limit per treatment

Furthermore, the health insurer may also impose additional conditions for reimbursement. For example, treatments and examinations of the patient may not have a social nature or may be focused on well-being.

Please note: For certainty, inquire with both the insurer and the practitioner about the possibility of reimbursement for orthomolecular medicine.

My Book on:
Nutrition and Health for South Asians


An informative book on the South Asian’s (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal) daily food and the most common disorders such as food allergies, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, kidney disorders and cardiovascular disease.


Sue-Shen Chen, Diëtistenpraktijk – S.A. Khan Voedings- en Dieetadviesbureau

Dietitian Khan BV Netherlands, 2013

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